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feat. Alain Damasio - Bora Vocal - 2009

Bora Vocal is a track that is as a mystical as it is mythical. When writing his science-fiction novel, La Horde du Contrevent, Alain Damasio completely cut himself off from the rest of society for several months. Incredibly lonely, he started using a Dictaphone to reconnect with the spoken word. Rone found his mini-cassettes by sheer luck and decided to use a portion of the author’s recordings to make a track that would later between his first hit.

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Love Generation - 2005

Bon Sinclar recorded the demo for “Love Generation” in his tiny Paris studio using sampled guitar chords, then flew off to New York in search of singers. After three days of disappointing auditions, a reggae artist, Gary Pine, showed up at the studio and improvised for three hours. Delighted by the resulting track, Bob Sinclar played it for David Guetta, who gave him the following warning: “Nine minutes of acoustic guitar with reggae vocals doesn’t sounds like a club hit!”

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Phonochose - 2016

Jacques finds the instruments he uses in his concerts in the squat where he lives. The artist’s original approach to sound turns construction tools and everyday objects into tools he uses to fashion a new aesthetic in repetitive music. Back in his studio, he adds a track beneath the sounds produced by these objects, resulting in innovative live performances.

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Visine - 1992

Philippe Zdar and Etienne de Crécy tell us about attending their first rave at the age of twenty. The event proved to be a full-on revolution that would change their lives forever. Immediately after, they started making house music, which wasn’t very well known in France at the time. The two founded the group Motorbass with one goal in mind—to become DJs.

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Baby I'm yours (feat. Irfane) - 2012

In 2010, Thibaut Berland released “Baby I’m Yours” under Pedro Winter’s label, Ed Banger. To produce the track, which offers an updated version of funky house, Breakbot drew inspiration from the theme song of a favorite TV show and called on the astonishing vocal talents of singer Irfane. The video greatly contributed to the song’s international success. The track is set to a brightly-colored cartoon that creates a bold visual universe and bolsters the energy of this joyful electronic music.

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La Lune Rousse - 2014

In 2011, 19-year-old Fakear wrote the track “La Lune Rousse” in his bedroom by sampling the voice of an Indian mantra singer. Three years later, friends from the Gobelins College of Digital Design offered to make a video for free. What followed happened in a rush. “La Lune Rousse” was viewed millions of times online in just a few months.

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Lady - 2000

Romain Tranchart and Yann Destagnol were students when they wrote their first track, “Lady”, in barely two weeks’ time. The song ended up knocking Madonna off the top of the charts in both England and the United States! However, Yann and Romain thought of themselves not as DJs, but as musicians. They performed live as a rock band, a bold choice considering their fans’ expectations.

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Dimitri From Paris

Love in C Minor Remix (feat. Cerrone) - 2014

In 1976, the unsold vinyls of “Love in C Minor,” a self-produced disco track by the young French artist Cerrone, were sent by mistake to a record store in the United States. A New York DJ stumbled on the song, started playing it in clubs, and, a few weeks later, “Love in C Minor” was at the top of the charts! In 2014, Dimitri From Paris set himself the challenge of reinventing the song, which up to that point had remained untouchable. For the first time in his career, Cerrone agreed to hand over the material for his most iconic hit.

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Valentin Stip

Working Tree - 2015

A young French-American artist ventured into the woods to record the sounds of breaking branches, then returned to his room to work with the sounds on his computer, transforming the crack of twigs into a distorted, repetitive beat. By changing the frequency and adding a bassline and kick drum, Valentin created a tribal-sounding techno track that he went on to play in clubs and festivals the world over.

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Para One (Feat. Céline Sciamma)

B.O. Naissance des Pieuvres - 2007

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